Full Music Production, Mixing & Mastering Contemporary Pop, Before & After Way beyond just mixing and mastering, this is starting with a piano voice demo, creating an arrangement, playing all the instruments, full production, then mixing and mastering.


Full Orchestration, Mixing & Mastering a Power Ballad, Before & After Taking a bare bones demo all the way up to a Disney movie style full production power ballad, then mixing and mastering, before and after.


Mixing & Mastering, Smooth Jazz Before & After examples of how great mixing and mastering can really bring your music to life.


Mixing & Mastering a Live Recording, Before & After A live, multi track recording of a Frank Zappa classic, performed by three Zappa alumni with a couple of young guys who get it. Before and after examples of overcoming a less than ideal sonic environment and turning out a great mix in spite of it.

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